Monday, February 25, 2013

Scorpio 23 October-21 November

Scorpios are fighters. Life is a battlefield for them. Aries loves to fight too. Not without the reason the two signs are somehow related to Mars. Aries features active aggression, Scorpio on the other hand defends himself, when attacked. Consequence seems the same, but motifs are different. Scorpio's opponent is everyone who stands on his way, or who seems to do. Then Scorpio attacks and wins. He tramples on everyone to achieve his goal. Noone can work as Scorpio does. Aggression and focus that he puts into his assignments, may be dangerous if he direct them against a person, potential enemy. That way, he wants to forestall the punch, however he is often mistaken in such situations. He is just too suspicious when approaching people. This dominant feature we will see in each areas of his life.
It is worth mentioning that Scorpio never forgets harms or traumas he experienced, even if he forgave them. However he also remembers the given favours and benefits.
Unlike Aries, who if harmed immediately gives back the punch and forgets, Scorpio can postpone his revenge for a most suitable occasion. Many a time it can be even 20 years after. Scorpio is ready to destroy the enemy with no mercy, coldblooded.
Scorpio's sense of humour is mostly ironic, sarcastic. It's caused by his misanthropy, by not trusting that people may be simply good or friendly.
If a friend has a problem Scorpio can be really supportive. He can organise some enormous powers then and show huge generosity.
One thing he cannot do however: comforting. He cannot hug you and say :it's going to be alright. The opposite: he thinks it will be worse, so he will prepare for the worst. He will know immediately how to fight the future obstacles, that other people don't even suspect to be.
If Scorpio is interested in something, he will fight for it to the last breath, to the last opportunity.
He, normally a pesimist in such moments will be full of energy and faith.
Scorpio doesn't care about honors and rewards. He knows better than others that those are only glittering deceiving throphies. He doesn't want any leadership in the social hierarchy as Leo does.
His ambition will always be to achieve something.He will always be interested in a problem to be solved, this is his similarity to Aquaries.Scorpio will fight, work and focus all effort on the issue. And even if in the end he doesn't get any appraisals, he won't mind. Scorpio will not reject the award but will not look for it.
The same as Leo needs some fans around him, Gemini group of intelligent, talkative people, Scorpio needs opponents, to fight with.
Bur for Scorpio opponents may be problems, issues, discoveries, assignments.
Knowing a bit who Scorpios are, you can understand Luter, Marie Sklodowska-Curie, st Augustin. Scorpio wants to be always right. He likes the feeling of superiority, fight, discussion, paradoxes, sharp sense of humour, weapon and its use: hunting. He also likes to overcome the problems, similar to Capricorn. Therefore he likes having opponents.
Scorpio doesn't like someone else's superiority, although he respects it; cowards, subordinancy, brownnosing, lack of opponents, authoritatives.
Next: privileges, eligibilities, entitlements that other people have. He despises fools.
Because Scorpio's destiny is fight, he has an inborn ability to find others' weaknesses. Therefore he would be good in forensics. On the highest level Scorpio will be a successful scientist or scholar.
Curiosity, instinct for medicine, intuition, sober attitude towards others' diseases, desire to cure others are feature of Scorpio who often is a pharmacist, chemist. Such a doctor gives the right diagnosis, and pharmacist gives good advice. With pleasure will be surrounded by medicines.
His bright mind and perceptivity of Scorpio are just unbelievable. After a glance at the office he will know who is a useless worker. At work it's harder to satisfy him than a Virgo.Propensity to tyrranize the staff makes him unfair, therefore unpopular.
There is no better soldier than a Scorpio. He is marked by persistensy, cold-blood, stone serenity, even if others lose their heads. Scorpio reigns over Aries with his shrewdness, cunningness and strategy, which single-minded Aries cannot afford to do.


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