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Aquaries 20Jan-18 Feb

The most spiritual people are being born under the sign of Aquaries.

There is no more poets, philosophers, inventors or other interesting people than in Aquaries sign.Many of them are thoughtful loners, not being able to live with others, unless they popularise the idea of togetherness.

Aries will do what Aquaries thinks of. Taurus will use the idea and make some profit of it. Gemini will be interested in a new idea and write an article about it.Cancer will observe the news from a distance and be suspicious about it. Leo will give a prize to Aquaries for inventing a thing. Virgo would be criticising an Aquaries. Libra will take the value of the invention for granted.Maybe she will marry an Aquaries, of course if she is a woman.Scorpio will be angry that the idea is not in good hands.Sagitarrius won´t be bothered too much, Capricorn will think twice before he will say a word about it.

Here as with different signs, the range of hobbies will depend on the level of intelligence.On the background, environment. It is obvious.Anyway on the lower level, the things that will interest Aquaries will be all news, inventions, discoveries, improvements, trends, new aquintances.On a higher level he will take care of ideas, problems.

Aquaries has a mind of an inventor and maybe that is why he looks further and deeper than anyone else.Sometimes he looks too far. Then his peers don´t understand him and treat him like a stranger and fanstasy man.

Aquaries is not bothered by that. He goes untouched his lonely way.

But don´t think that Aquaries is only a theoretical inventor.

He can actually conduct his abstract and crazy ideas. He likes to experiment like for example Edison. He is the first to go into stratosphere and go down the batishpehere, as the professor Pirccard.

Aquaries likes thinking, social life, organisation, technic, new inventions, everything that is unsual, original, fascinating, strange, secretive, provocative, unheard of, not known, not understood, puzzling. He likes to solve puzzles, often is interested in parapsylogy.

A quaireis hates routine, conventionalism, pedanteries, stubborness, stupidity, boredom, undecisiveness, pressure, limits, everything that is ordered, whatever that can limit his movement, liberty of thoughts and choice of ideas. He doesnt like traditional csutoms, forms and rituals.

Aquaries can enjoy being alone, opposite to an Aries, Leo or Sagitarrius, and Gemini who without any company feels really left out,forgotten. Aquaries doesn't avoid the company, but can live without it equally well.
The same as Aquaries is fascinated by natural fenomena, the same he intrigues and sometimes even estranges ohers against him with his unsual, eccentric behaviour.
Many home handymen have the sun in Aquaries. We can name here Edison but also 100 tousand other potential inventors, contructors of perpetuum mobile and authors of the strangest ideas.
Aquaries has his own style of work. People than don't understand his mentality will consider him lazy skulk. Aquaries can sit for many days doing completely nothing. Later, when he starts working, he can do more in 3 days what others did in 3 months. Naturally, that style of working makes a terrible impression on co-workers and subordinates, even worse if they were born as Virgos or Capricorn.
It happens that Aquaries may be a bit haughty when he meets other people.
To some people he will keep a sober distance, although he strongly believes in idea of brotherhood and equality. Often an Aquaries considers human kind the top of the perfection and idealism.It will often lead to many dissapointments.
Very often we meet some Aquaries actors. It can be said that without him, there wouldn't be any thatre or film.
Taurus, Libra, Aquaris are the names of artists, but in Aquaries we will meet whatever is new, strange, not average, therefore surrealists, cubists, occults as Strindberg, Meyrink.
Leo would like to be first when it comes to political hierarchy. Also Aries and Sagitarius want to be leaders and take the front roles.Aquaries on the other hand wants to be the best in spiritual power.Examples: Lindberg(born 04.02)was the first to fly over Atlantic, Stanley (born 28.01) was the first to walk through Africa from Indian Ocean till Atlantic. Prof. Steinach (ur 27.01)was the first to do a gland transplant. Famous contructors as Junkers(planes), Maxim (machine gun), Girard (weave machines) were Aquarieses.
If it happened that an Aquaries took over a high position in a societal ladder, you can be sure, that it wasn't power desire who brought him there, but some freedom ideas or similar motives, whose aims are fight with tyranny, violence or oppression. The best examples of that are Lincoln or Kosciuszko, both born on 12th Feb.
Not very often Aquaries gets recognition during his life. Some people will think he is too strange,some-too eccentric. Often they say he is wicked, unusual and they will often be right.
Within representatives from Aquaries sign you can find the biggest amount of honest friendship, void of egoism or self-centredeness. Another feature of an Aquaries is friendliness, cheerfulness and faithfulness.
Sexual life Aquaries treats with marginal interest.However in some periods of his life he may overuse his abilities. He will do it though not because of overload of energy, but because of psychological reasons. His behavious may vary to extremes. Also he is more lighhearted than sensual.
Here he will be similar to Libra a bit. Majority of Aquarieses are aesthetics. Their thoughts then(extremely different from Scorpio) will be circling around more spiritual needs.
Aquaries's insights are purely democratic. He is the last man who would support a class society.It doesn't mean that he will make friends with anyone.For an Aquaries intelligence is the most important, not societal background. And according to that he will choose his partner.
Completely opposite to a Scorpio who values the most sexual harmony. He claims his intelligence will be enought for them both.
The same as for female Scorpio early marriage is a good advice to follow, the same for Aquaries is opposite. As the experience showed, Aquarians who got married before being 30 , almost every got divorced and only after found a more suitable partner. It's of mainly concern for femae Aquaries whose unsusual character and subtelness is often misinterpreted by husbands.
It's hard to make Aquaries shocked.He doesnt have any conventional superstitions, any old-fashioned views, opinions or prejudices. Anything that will be strange, non average-will be normal for open minded Aquaries.
When it comes to money, often Aquaries is outrageous.Mean he may be when it comes to small things, but when it comes to important stuff he is generous as noone else. When being with friends, he doesnt care about spendings.
Sometimes he prefers to stay alone, to have a walk or read a magazine, he won't mind that behind the wall is loudly as hell.He feels never lonely, even if alone, his thoughts are his most interesting companion.

famous Aquaries: Franklin D. Roosevelt - President US
Wolfgang Mozart - Composer
Abraham Lincoln - President US
Charles Darwin
Scientist, famous for the Theory Of Evolution
John Travolta
Paris Hilton
Robbie Williams
Matt Groening

Justin Timberlake



Variety amuses
(latin saying)

Gemini is an intellectualist with vivid extraversion. The same as an Aries has quick physical reactions, the same Gemini has quick intellectual reactions.
Gemini can be interested in couple of things simultaneously. Thinks about this, then about that, and the strain of the thoughts is rather superficial. He cannot focus on one problem forgetting about the world or explore one narrow area of interest, like e.g Scorpio does. The moment when Gemini believes he explored the issue enough, it loses its value for him.
Noone can be so convincing, fluent and suggestive in speech as a Gemini is. Interesting thing, he believes in the stuff he says too, but not for long.
No other sign is so little conservative as Gemini, when it comes to beliefs. Gemini is the innovator, however not because of the revolutionary reasons. They are just bored with anything that is stable, not changing, little progressing. Therefore they change-for diversity- hobbies and even often jobs. Gemini is famous for changing different occupations even couple of times per life.
Versatility(ability to do different things) of Gemini is surprising, in most cases it results from precision.
Gemini works most willingly in intellectual jobs, where you can fight or operate but with a pen or a tongue.
No other signs makes his opinion about something as quickly as Gemini, but also no other changes his mind as often as Gemini.
Aries when makes a mistake, gets angry. Taurus will remain by his beliefs anyway. When Gemini makes a mistake, he shrugs his shoulders and changes the opinion, because he is quite sensible when it comes giving right to someone. And thank god for that!
It's obvious that what is sensible is good, therefore Gemini is a follower of everything sensible, logical, bright, intelligent. He likes changes travel, mobility, word games, aphorisms, movement. All that is elegant, talkative, lively,active, live, efective. He doesnt like-slowness, dogmatism,stagnation, boredom, introverts, stability, thinking for hours or deciding for ages.
Gemini has a good sense of subtel humour and is always ready to listen to good, intelligent jokes. Their entertainment has to be always full of action, tempo, diversity and fun. If it's not provided- then bye.
Gemini is a person that has hundred questions to ask. Unfortunately he gets satisfied with any answer. He isn't eager to explore the root of the problem, it's enough if he gets a relatively reasonable answer.
He tends to believe in a written word cause he likes to write too. Often is found in journalism. Being a reporter is their element:mobility, speed, information, news, gossips, interviews, conversations! Today Prime minister, tomorrow famous singer, press conferences, meetings, changes, everyday new faces.
The least pleasant would be to speak to conservative, oldfashioned followers, making their life difficult, blindly looking at old ideals. Let's get away from those kinds.
Today Gemini follows this theory, tomorrow that one, or two on one time. sometimes they may be even contradictory. But is it important?Anyway everything is relative, says Gemini to defend himseld, and Einstein is turning around in the grave..
Don't expect from Gemini very contructive, efficient work. He is too impatient for that, too little persistent. His mission should be delivering information, messages, spreading the word, ideas, writing. That is why Gemini likes reports, news, mediation, negotiation. One can say that Gemini can be busy whole day, not working. He could be great as a sales representative. Resourceful he deals with everything quickly, properly and smoothly.That's the way he does it, this is where he feels at home.
Peace, lack of diversity, monotony, seeing the same faces, thinking about problems of the world-that kills Gemini. Only constant movement and speed, makes him stay in shape and keeps him alive.
Naturally, Gemini would be a great lawyer, however not often he will go for that kind of a career.
He wouldn't be a good judge either.His character would rather go not after the just judgement however more after the trial itself-debate, polemics, reasoning, eloquency, oratorical skills.Pleasant features of a Gemini: lack of fanatism, pollitical or religious stubbornness/obsession. For him there is no such a thing for which you would need to put your hand into fire (everything is relative). He will not explore the philosofical truths either. If he decided to work in scientific field, he will focus on this issue, or rather couple issues. But he will never be a fanatic believe of one theory. He is openminded and receptive for any new ideas, which often go in one ear and out the other.
Mind of a Gemini is not a file of information as it is when it comes to Virgo or Scorpio, it's more of a transmiting station. Gemini is not worried that there is nothing constant, stable in life, quite the opposite. He enjoys 'panta rhei', that everything is uncertain, changing, transforming, because this is where the movement exists, variety, life, dynamism, progress.
More educated and intelligent Gemini find it easy to think abstract and remember abstacts based on real experiences.An average person remembers feelings like a photographic plate, and in different situations will be comparing different plates. Gemini is comparing the abstract of a new situation to abstract generalisations resulting from previous experiences (wtf?) This kind of thinking is quicker, wider but less precise. Anyway it doesnt allow for getting lost in the details at the expense of the whole.
Gemini is not driven only by the impulse. In their erotic life they lack consequent pesistence, although their experiences are hot and passionate. The biggest importance is in liking each other.Gemini will not stay with anyone who doesn't harmonize with him. His erotic experiences are not only physical but also psychic.
Gemini has an inborn good inside. Therefore he is totally against war-of two sides has good will, then they should talk, there is also an option of a compromise, there is no need to fight, more common sense-these were the thoughts of Kennedy, Gemini.
Geminis are the most practical intellectuals. Rationalising, they have an understanding only for ideas that bring benefits. However they will acknowledge only what they understand, whatever is exceeding their intelligence or demands further exploration, they will treat with distrust and reluctance(like astrology :) )
Gemini child is not keen on cleaning however it may bring some good marks to home. They are very talkative and learn quickly. Even if they don't know the answer, they will speak so much that a teacher will think Gemini knows much more than the truth is. It also proves the street smatness, also they are active and like variety. Children of this sign are tiring for parents as they ask loads of questions, have many ideas, unsual plans, however they don't cause bigger troubles.
Gemini husband needs to be understood, his wife has to be patient. If you want an intellectual harmony with him, you need to adapt to his hobbies, which is not that easy for every woman. However it's important for the relationship as otherwise he may look for intellectual contacts somewhere else which can go in a wrong direction.
As it was said it may be tousand things that will interest him. The least interesting one will be the order in his desk and drawer. This is not important, significant is not to be bored with your partner , to have something to talk about, discuss and that what he says does mean something to a partner.
Gemini will be delivering loads of news, his woman should be ready to listen to it. Although talkative and discursive, they won't create rumours themaself. they are subtle and discrete. They can keep a secret.
The active and mobile Gemini can earn money, however he often doesn't have it.When he buys something, he won't bargain. To own and keep is not what he is interested in.
Gemini retains his bright and fresh mind the longest of all signs. Therefore even if old he still has his quick thinking and being interested in variety of things.

Famous Gemini:
Richard Wagner-composer
John Fitzgerld Kennedy
Marilyn Monroe
Bjoern Borg-tennis player
Tom Jones
James Maxwell-scientist
Edward Grieg-composer
Aleksander Puszkin-russian poet
Henry Kinssinger-usa politician
Edward benes-chech politian
Paul McCartney
Blaise Pascal

Aries 21Mar-20 Apr

Speed isn't wisdom, but it rends it possible to surprise the enemy.
Herbert N.Casson

Sun in an Aries doubles the male features of a person.People born under this sign don't like to comply with others' orders. If fate makes them stay in a community, they will seek for a leadership.Someone wants to classify them?Ok, but only by number 1.
Aries's element is battle.There they have a chance to defeat the opponent.Not because their actions are well prepared or pre-thought. Just the opposite. Their strenghts are improvisation and speed of doing, ready-to fight style and swift punches. Higher strategy is not their speciality. Pre-thought plan of the action?No... Isn't it better and easier to surprise the opponent? Knock him down before he knows where the hit came from..
Aries loves fight, risk, danger, sickle strokes, simple vocabulary, shocking behaviour.It's their style, element and way of being. Aries also loves everything what's humorous, cheerful. They often laugh, have big sense of humour and big understanding for the sarcastic jokes. When speaks- always try to depicts a story.
"Words were stuck in his mouth, like a dead rat, neither you can swallow it, neither spit it out"-said once Chruszczow, only an Aries could produce such an utterance.
On a lower level Aries will be a boxer or a sportsman. On a higher level he would aspire to be a scientist struggling to find a formula n or a politician, whose life is a kind of a battle, with politics.
Aries hates cowards, uncertainty, unclear, not solved situations, diplomatic lies, insinuations, understatements, ambigous asnwers. He classifies people as under plus or minus. He doesn't see any middle in between. Diplomatic skills in Aries are rather very rare.
Aries doesn't like to save money, doesn't like to count it. Preferably would like to buy presents for all of his/her friends.
Aries lives the presence, if you can ask them about future- maybe sometimes, but he will not care about it too much nor about the past.
Aries people have something quite primitive in them, especially when young. This is the reason for their swift and reflex-quick reactions to everyday surprises. Noone can jump so gracefully from the trampoline, jump in to a driving bus or knock-out an opponent with one hit.

Aries hates waiting. Waiting is passive, and Aries is the most active, moving and lively sign of all. From 19 soldiers of Napoleon 3 were Arieses.
Aries is the conqueror, also in love.
Scorpio is able to postpone his anger and hatred for years, and then hit when the time comes. Such a behaviour is never to be understood by an Aries.They solve their problems immediately.
Tomorrow they will not remember why were angry.
Aries at work is mostly found where the mobility is required and physical endurance, power, quick decisions, sense of responsibility and many a time - courage. Thanks to initiative and energy, they can do a lot. However, there are things that you shouldn't expect from the average Aries-general subtelness, tact and diplomatic, discrete behaviour. Better not to confide your secrets in Aries. Not because they are gossipmongers but if lose temper, he will not be bothered by words. In such cases it's hard for them to bite thei tongue. Aries as we call it-has balls. They will not allow anyone to push them around, knowing what they want, t
Unfortunately, female Aries will lose because of that. She is incomparably more active, independent and brave than her female friends from other signs. She is something of a legendary Amazon. Consequences-Aries girl often attracts feminine men, shy, quiet, mild and passive, a bit of a loser type that needs some support from a lady Aries. However Ms Aries will not even look at such a guy. Her ideal partner is a man that she will look at with adoration, that would impress her. Anyway it's quite typical for a woman.
Miss Aries likes to spend time with guys. Even though she is attractive, she will not easily or early get married. She is often indecisive therefore will lose a lot of good opportunities.
Female Aries likes a lot to hear compliments, however knows if someone is pullling wool over her eyes. She will not lose control over her sexuality,beinf self-concious but she has her sensuality.
Bad fate makes typial strong male men treat Miss Aries as a good friend, companion for sports or trips, that will swear sometimes, maybe drink some strong alkohol and carry a heavy bag. The real stereotypical man cannot even imagine lady Aries as sweet and modest fiancee in white dress.
Situation is similar with a Scorpio girl. Some internal similarities of those girls is the theory that both of those signs fall within planet Mars. This planet is a symbol of everything that is sharp, hard, hot, rapid, that has sth to do with war, aggression, damage, fight, dynamism, ruthlessness and Male element.
Parents of an Aries, cannot say they were bored. Broken windows, broken noses, bruised knees, torn shorts or skirts happen here more often that anywhere else. Moral speeches tend to change nothing. A bit of more civilised behaviour one can expect when children start to grow up. Loud-mouther and quarrelsome they will stay forever, possibly whole their life, parents have to get over it. However, they should try to suppress their impertinence and arrogance.It may be achieved sometimes.
With intelligence it is varied. Anyway it is usually rare that a child Aries would love to spend time at school, unless it's sports. Because young Aries will appreciate more the physical skills than the intellectual ones. At school these of kids are classified as unrestrained, uncontrollable. The biggest amount of pranks will do an Aries, but not the evil ones. They just love life and dynamics.
To cheer parents up we may add that those kids will manage in life later on. They get what they want. Who will understand them, will like their simplicity, honesty, straight forwardness and openness.
Aries children are always first to play the games where movement is required. They have strong voice, perfect for commanding their peers. Because of mobility and not calm personality they are hard to control. Their behaviour is a bit rough, coarse. Despite this, they are popular with their peers. They are big spenders and tendency for a romantic adventures. They are straight forward and not too much complicated. Their extravertical behaviour is easy to understand by other kids and they like it, their active attitude-impresses them.
Although a woman born under Aries sign has a bit less intellectual hobbies than some of other female signs, husband with a high intelligence, will impress her. This is where partner superiority should direct in this relationship.
The personality of a Mars influenced female Aries shouldn't be misunderstood.It doesn't mean that she will behave like a man, or have some unnormal features. It is just that some of her characteristics are usually ascribed to a man: like courage (sometimes even aggession), desire to command, activeness, mobility and initiative.
Miss Aries has loads of grace and charm. However she is not easy to seduce, she will not give in beause of partner's sweet compliments. It doesn't mean that she is not sensual, she definetely is! However, she will decide what will start and when. It's worh remembering that she hates weak men.
Who is married to a female or male Aries, never should fight them using their weapon, cause they will lose. Quite opposite-rapid occurences, impulsiveness and shouts should be countered by peacefulness and sel-control. In the relationship with an Aries, wins one who can control himself.
Representatives of an Aries are the most active signs of all, even more than Scorpio, which are incomparable when it comes to persistent, long and bitter defence.
The disadvantage of their character is impatience. The impulsive character is to blame. Aries often regrets his deeds, especially when his outburst of anger passes.
From all of the signs, Aries has the least of minority complexes, setbacks, interal resistance. They don't care about public opinion. They don't want to spend time on imagination, and that is why will go ahead with no fear or thinking of consequesnces, no pre-thinking on actions. This speed and self confidence makes other people see them as leaders, obviously on the level that is adequate to their intelligence.
Aries doesn't value money as it is. He believes it's a means to an end. What they have, they usually spend frivorously. Often have debts, however will pay them when back on feet. Therefore we can say that even when it comes to money, it's only the present moment that they thin about.
Fortunately you cannot find any artificial behaviour, acting, pretence or fake in an Aries.
'I am as you see me, they could say': always faithful and honest friend, always ready to defend their beliefs, friends or ..anything!
It is worth mentioning that not exactly every Aries is loud and noisy. These features are related to the time of a day that a person was born in. However typical features like energy, quick reactions and fight-like attitude you will even find in the more peaceful ones. This you can see mostly in the Aries born in the evening. Sharp, rapid and shocking behaviour may sometimes be soften if one was born in the early morning, when Sun and Aries were still under the horizon and on the east was the preceding sign, Pisces. It is easy to distinguish, as this will affect some of the Arieses to gain a bit of a belly.

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Leo 23 of July-22 Aug

It is said that Leo is king of the jungle. And it has to be mentioned that Leo people has something royal in them. Even if they are not very important clerks in the less important department,, they will not serve the customers, but organise public events, with pride.
When it's needed Leo will take an effort, however it doesn't come very often. To say the truth-and the Majesty likes honesty in the end- Majesty Leo is not the most hardworking. Works as much as it is needed. Isn't it?
Leo has a feature that makes him push the job on others-which is not stupid at all, leo is the master of decentralisation.
Honesty of Leo sometimes borders naivety. It takes a long time before Leo will understand that some people are using him/her, cheating or lying and that some people just shouldn't be trusted. This gullibillity of a Leo is just disarming. They just can believe that there may be people in the world that have different attitudes towards honour, honesty and righteousness, that in between them there are liars, impostors, deceivers and swindlers.
Leo is sincere, opened, candid. Why others are different? There we go with the most subjective of the signs. Leo assesses people after himself. Tries to ascribe their characteristics to everyone, everyone he measures by his own measurement.
Leo has also type of the strongest, the most vivid personality. Always wants to be in the centre of attention, not in between the others, the absolute ruler, king. Individualist, rarely influenced by the surroundings. It results from strong sense of self-importance and infallibility.
People from under Leo, have strong dramatic intuition. They don't come into a room, they thread in, with pride. Leos are the biggest extraverts of all. They are good actors, very often found playing some hero roles.
Leo can be recognised during the conversation, they would say: "And then I..". Because they are mostly concerned with themselves, and they can tell stories for hours about themselves.
They will talk about their hobbies, experiences, adventures. They will also eagerly listen to other people talking about them.
The real king has to have his courtiers. Next to Leo there will always be some flatterers, scalawags and false friends, looking where to get fed by a small fee, and use the protection.
Regarding friends, subordinates and followers, Leo is generous and open-handed as a king, faithful, loyal patron and protector.
Interesting is that the surrounding flatterers is somehow needed for Leo to live. Without admirers, devotees, fans and friends, Leo feels lonely and is like a king on the exile.
When it comes to ability to rule, presentation or impressive performance, unquestionably Leo has all of those. Therefore his claims are rather justified.
Each Leo believed that should be in the leading position. It's better to be first in Lyon, than second in Paris-said once Napoleon, Leo naturally..
Highly positioned Leo rarely is surrounded by correct people. Scorpio is a genious when it comes to that, however Leo is too much egocentric, he cannot critically assess people.He trusts the most those ones that he shouldn't-the flatterers. When he will notice that, it is usually too late.
When being the manager, principal or boss Leo is much better than while being a subordinate.
Although subjective, Leo has a big instuition for justice. They cannot stand seeing other people getting hurt or harmed. They will get involved in such situation even if it is dangerous. And it's worth to mention that when it comes to a fight they are not the bravest people in the world, however he has a different feature- a civil courage. He can counter even the highest positioned people in the social hierachy, especially when they believe that they have right. Leo likes luxuries,
magnificence, splendor, chivalry, ceremonies, dramtic, fabulous. Next: authority,dignity, courage. Also :medals and awards.
Trust that people put in Leo, results from his self-confidence.
The advantages of Leo are some kind of objectivity when it comes to acknoledging someone's greatness. A person like that Leo will recognise immediately, show respect, only Leo can feel the real authority, if someone is a true leader or a weak sneaky fox pretending to be the king.
Young Leo has a tendency to tyrranize his parents, peers or friends. Even when very young he already knows whom is more valuable to spend time with or not.
It is also hard to get young Leo to help in the house. Parents should leave him alone, let him play and learn, he should be forced a bit to start learning, however is rather intelligent and reacts quickly when you speak to his ambitious side.
Leo at home, also wants to rule. Relationship with them can be difficult. However if a wife is intelligent, she will give right to him, admire him clearly and loudly.
Intensive need to have sex in Leo results not from excessive excitability-as it is in Scorpio- but from excessive life energy. It is easily noticed, that they are lively and energetic. You can see it in their behaviour, power and life beams from them.
Features that Leo hates is: riff-raff behaviour, greed, intrigues, dodgers, cowards, liars, and lack of humanity. He also doesn't like anything that is coming to an end, declination.
Leo man is not attacted to money that is related to a high position in the company, it's the leadership. It is hard to explain. However even in the ancient times, people saw Leo and Sun as something united, Sun used to be considered as God ruling the world, symbol of power.
When Leo is an actor, he will enjoy working in the theatre, where you have a close contact with people, audience.
famous leos:
Benito Mussolini
Alfred Hitchcock
Aleksander Dumas
George Clooney
Sean Connery
Robert Deniro
Jennifer Lopez
Fidel Castro
Dustin Hoffman
Schwarzkopf Norman


My peace is gone
I feel no good
(Wolfgang Goethe -Faust)

Cancers are sensitive people and often they are subjects to emotion. Oh how they can worry!Sometimes even without a reason.Sometimes cancer may even end up being a hipohondriac. Cancer doesn't believe that everything's going to be alright. They know that somewhere ahead is danger, and even bigger, cause unknown.
However they feel very good and secure at home. This is where they can relax and feel the safest.
This is related to characteristic features of their rich inner life.Also gentleness and sentimentality contributes to that. Cancer is aware of his character, therefore he is worried that world and rough life will change him for worse or harm.
Meanwhile the receptivity, subtelness and sensitiveness of their feeling are so strong, that make it almost impossible to deceive them. Immediately they sense unfavourable people that have bad intentions towards them.
Relationship with Cancer may be very difficult, however one must remember to respect their beliefs, the way of being. You can't be rough or irratible to Cancer. You leave a scratch on their ambition. Also you can't cheat them, even in a small matter.
Cancers are devoted to their house, garden, family and houselife. They like ponds, rivers, sea, gossips, comfort. They pay attention to good behaviour, manners, tact. They hate riff-raff people, brutality, heart abruptness, arrogance, sly people, rascals, mockery especially if someone is mocking them. Also they don't like if someone spreads rumours about them, which for example Scorpio is totally indifferent to.They are often concerned with public opinion, they won't act against generally accepted manners. Only matters related to feelings could cause such a behaviour. In that situation they will do what is right, because Cancer's intuition and perspicacity are reliable and unparalleled.
Cancer on a higher status, will have strong feelings of ownership. However it doesn't have anything to do with the desire to have something expensive(that is so typical for Taurus). With Cancer is more of a attachement to something that was for example carefully furnished, or a completed collection of books, cds, paintings. The ownership of a Cancer is rather emotional, not materialistic.
Many a cancer are antique and other unsual things collectors, searchers of uncommon objects. This mania shouldn't be confused with pointless collection of souvenirs or ornaments often existing in Libras.
This affection is not only towards Cancer's closest environmnet, strong ties are also with the bigger housing area, with town. This is where Cancer like undertake some pollitical tasks, take a councillor position or somehow else be useful for the society.
According to ancient beliefs, sign of Cance was symbolically attached to Moon, whose subordinates are all of waters and liquids. And therefore Cancer likes to live near water, enjoys holidays near to rivers, ponds, kayaking, boat trips, likes swimming.
Characteristic sentimentality or sensitivity of a Cancer doesn't make them life losers! Many of them are brave people, taking high and responsible posts.
It's generally known that Cancers are good at working individually, independent from others' orders. The way they act is thoughtful, responsible and reliable. At work they may sometimes fiddle about, however that is what makes them accurate.
On a higher level of intelligence, Cancers are often archeologists, geologists, geographers, linguists and historians. Cancers are on the 4th place when it comes to Nobel winners.
Cancer may change theis mood quite often. Noone else is so much influenced by the surroundings as they are. Also by environment, society and other individuals.
When Cancer is found in between people that don't harmonise with him, he will be quite, introverted, mean. He will suffer. Aries on his place would go home, Taurus wouldn't come at all, Gemini wouldn't mind and Scorpio would be stinging everyone.
Children Cancers are unusually kind, sensitive and caring, therefore their parents are sometimes worries if the kid will manage in life. Often they are daydreaming, taking care of animals. Parents should be supporting some social contacts, allow them for inviting friends which will make them a bit less shy and will facilitate the contacts with people. If little Cancer has problem at school, you can't shout at him. This will only scare him and disconcert.
One should rather support, find the problems and solve them. It rarely happens that the tutor will understand the mentality of young cancer.
For Mister Cancer sex is not the most important in life. However caring and generosity to a partner gives him the 1st place. Motif of his actions is always mild sensitivity.Harmony, understanding and feelings are more important than sex.
Mister Cancer cannot deal properly with money. It is recommended that economical wife should have some access to it, but only if she won't take over whole family fortune.
If a Cancer gets angry at you, because you misspoke or weren't very gentle towards them, Cancer will close for the outside, stiffen as the crayfish does and won't say a word. In such situation you should be patient and wait until they chill out :)
Representatives of Cancer are linked by strong family ties. In some cases those ties may get in the way to career of Cancer.
Sometimes you can notice some social shyness and timidity. However it doesn't have a bigger meaning, because when there is a need Cancer can be very initiative, enterprising and energetic.
To Mister Cancer's heart you can get my cooking a nice dinner, however remember it's not only about food. You also have to serve it aesthetically. All the gastronomic accessories like china, serviettes, flowers on the table and silence during the meal, are equally important. Mister Cancer is a good husband however don't show him any moods or caprices during the dinner. He doesn't like it.
Noone else is devoted to traditions and family issues as they are. Their desire to help others and generosity makes them very valuable partners.
Girls Cancers will almost always get married of love. She takes it hard if she meets approaches some dissapointments in marriage or love, and she -being so good, really doesn't deserve to make her any harm. Mother Cancer will always be a typical mother, always worried if her kids are alright, because world is full of dangers. Not many others love their kids as much as mother Cancer.
Wifes of this star sign do the household jobs quite eagerly themselves. However You should be helping her because may be she doesn't have enough courage to force you to do it. For majority of men they are just too good, some egoistic men can take advantage of them.
Cancers don't like divorces. Realists attached to family. In sexual life-not very complicated.
Mister Cancer likes and values comfort. After work he puts on old trousers and slippers. Sits in a comfortable armchair to read a newspaper in peace. PEACE! He shouldn't be bothered in these moments by some trivial stuff.
Let's have some patience and understanding, it's not that for happiness he needs god knows how much.Give him these little things he needs, make life easier for him and then he will give back love and kindness.
Ladies Cancer makes the impression of quiet, mild and patient. This is how they are in majority of cases. However they can achieve what they want in a different way. Without shouting, noise, kindly and peacefully they can get their partners to think as they do, diplomatically giving him their ideas.
Woman Cancer doesn't look for love adventure. She is like a violet under the leaf, she wants to be found, wants to be discovered. In bed, she needs a decisive partner. In marriage she is caring and allows for much, however don't hurt her with inconsiderate word. She is like a doe, don't scare her cause she will close for the outside and run away.
She has many matrimonial advantages. She can adapt, she is a good learner, she is not complicated.
Sometimes when older she may become a bit acerbic if partner doesn't understand her. She needs support, she is a sensitive type, she gives a lot, however treat her in a gentle way, subtle. Aries, Taurus and Gemini live outside, Cancer to some extent-inside. Experiences, adventures she absorbs. Swiss psychologist dr Jung calls Cancer introverts, receptive-intuitive ones.
This is why sometimes in Cancer we meet diseases in gastrointestinal tract originating from psychosomatic reasons, like stomach ulcers.
Famous Cancers
Jean Paul Sartre-philosopher
Lady Diana
Jan Matejko-very good Polish painter :)
Giuseppe Garibaldi-revolutionist
Louis Armstrong-musician
Ringo Star
Jan Kalwin-reformator
Ingmar Bergman
Roald Amundsen-polar explorer
Roman Polanski- director
Ernest Hemingway
Alexis Carell-biologist
John Ross- polar explorer

Scorpio 23 October-21 November

Scorpios are fighters. Life is a battlefield for them. Aries loves to fight too. Not without the reason the two signs are somehow related to Mars. Aries features active aggression, Scorpio on the other hand defends himself, when attacked. Consequence seems the same, but motifs are different. Scorpio's opponent is everyone who stands on his way, or who seems to do. Then Scorpio attacks and wins. He tramples on everyone to achieve his goal. Noone can work as Scorpio does. Aggression and focus that he puts into his assignments, may be dangerous if he direct them against a person, potential enemy. That way, he wants to forestall the punch, however he is often mistaken in such situations. He is just too suspicious when approaching people. This dominant feature we will see in each areas of his life.
It is worth mentioning that Scorpio never forgets harms or traumas he experienced, even if he forgave them. However he also remembers the given favours and benefits.
Unlike Aries, who if harmed immediately gives back the punch and forgets, Scorpio can postpone his revenge for a most suitable occasion. Many a time it can be even 20 years after. Scorpio is ready to destroy the enemy with no mercy, coldblooded.
Scorpio's sense of humour is mostly ironic, sarcastic. It's caused by his misanthropy, by not trusting that people may be simply good or friendly.
If a friend has a problem Scorpio can be really supportive. He can organise some enormous powers then and show huge generosity.
One thing he cannot do however: comforting. He cannot hug you and say :it's going to be alright. The opposite: he thinks it will be worse, so he will prepare for the worst. He will know immediately how to fight the future obstacles, that other people don't even suspect to be.
If Scorpio is interested in something, he will fight for it to the last breath, to the last opportunity.
He, normally a pesimist in such moments will be full of energy and faith.
Scorpio doesn't care about honors and rewards. He knows better than others that those are only glittering deceiving throphies. He doesn't want any leadership in the social hierarchy as Leo does.
His ambition will always be to achieve something.He will always be interested in a problem to be solved, this is his similarity to Aquaries.Scorpio will fight, work and focus all effort on the issue. And even if in the end he doesn't get any appraisals, he won't mind. Scorpio will not reject the award but will not look for it.
The same as Leo needs some fans around him, Gemini group of intelligent, talkative people, Scorpio needs opponents, to fight with.
Bur for Scorpio opponents may be problems, issues, discoveries, assignments.
Knowing a bit who Scorpios are, you can understand Luter, Marie Sklodowska-Curie, st Augustin. Scorpio wants to be always right. He likes the feeling of superiority, fight, discussion, paradoxes, sharp sense of humour, weapon and its use: hunting. He also likes to overcome the problems, similar to Capricorn. Therefore he likes having opponents.
Scorpio doesn't like someone else's superiority, although he respects it; cowards, subordinancy, brownnosing, lack of opponents, authoritatives.
Next: privileges, eligibilities, entitlements that other people have. He despises fools.
Because Scorpio's destiny is fight, he has an inborn ability to find others' weaknesses. Therefore he would be good in forensics. On the highest level Scorpio will be a successful scientist or scholar.
Curiosity, instinct for medicine, intuition, sober attitude towards others' diseases, desire to cure others are feature of Scorpio who often is a pharmacist, chemist. Such a doctor gives the right diagnosis, and pharmacist gives good advice. With pleasure will be surrounded by medicines.
His bright mind and perceptivity of Scorpio are just unbelievable. After a glance at the office he will know who is a useless worker. At work it's harder to satisfy him than a Virgo.Propensity to tyrranize the staff makes him unfair, therefore unpopular.
There is no better soldier than a Scorpio. He is marked by persistensy, cold-blood, stone serenity, even if others lose their heads. Scorpio reigns over Aries with his shrewdness, cunningness and strategy, which single-minded Aries cannot afford to do.

Monday, November 05, 2012

life after life, 2008

on the reversed side of the glass
I am waiting whispering breathing
you are yearning yelling listening
waiting for someone to burst in a sigh
a dreadful and changed and broken sound

the fatal force forbids us to talk,
commands to be cold and clench our fists.
But the power soon cracks to crawl to the bottom
and pulls tones of tiny tangles and threads
the spools of our tears, years of our pride

It hunts to bring debris, of hush and a sea
to pours down the rivers
it spills boiling lava and glowing ember
of pounding pulsating poisonous oaths

at last, from the lips, flows a soft-spoken word
from wooden, numb wire-netted lips
it is a bandaid for blisters and wounds
but a cloth is too short
heals only shells of my
dead petal thoughts and
I won't hear the voice
healed from longing
to tone and to colours of lips yours so trembling

jesteśmy oboje po 2 stronach szkła
czekam oddycham i liczę
on myśli oddycha patrzy
czekamy kto pierwszy wydusi szept
Zlękniony Zmieniony Złamany głos

nieznana moc nam zabrania mówić
każe być twardym, zaciskać dłoń
i TA sama siła za chwilę pęka
na sam dół spełza i ciągnie za sobą
nitki i szpulki i kłębki łez

niszczy doszczętnie resztki zaDUMY
teraz ów siła jest morzem i rzeką
wylaną lawą, żarzącym węglem
słowem Tłuczącym Tętniącym Trującym

w końcu i wydech wypłynie z ust
Drewnianych Drętwych Drucianych ust
to będzie sygnał i znak rozesłany
niczym bandażyk na jątrzącą ranę

trochę za krótki jest jednak plasterek
i tylko z wierzchu ukoja Zbolałe
Zmartwiałe płatki mych myśli i marzeń
bo znowu twe słowo nie wniesie spokoju

jedynie zabliźnia tę świeższą tęsknotę
do tonu i dźwięku twych ust rozedrganych

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Caly czas szukam cudu magii seksownosci zmyslowosci dodaje pikanterii slowom czynom swiatlom ubraniom Staram sie udawac ze jest cos wiecej niz ta skorupa chlodu nijakosci i ciszy Ale nie, tam nic nie ma Tam jest tylko dziewczyna i chlopak, ich juz nie ma

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Niech staną zegary
Zamilkną telefony
Dajcie psu kość
Niech nie szczeka, niech śpi najedzony.
Niech milczą fortepiany
I w miękkiej werbli ciszy
Wynieście trumnę
Niech przyjdą żałobnicy
Niech głośno łkając samolot pod chmury się wzbije
I kreśli na niebie napis "On nie żyje!"
Włóżcie żałobne wstążki na białe szyje gołębi ulicznych
Policjanci na skrzyżowaniach niech noszą czarne rękawiczki.
W nim miałem moją północ, południe i zachód i wschód
Niedzielny odpoczynek i codzienny trud.
Jasność dnia i mrok nocy, moje słowa i śpiew
Miłość, myślałem, będzie trwała wiecznie,
Myliłem się,
Nie potrzeba już gwiazd - zgaście wszystkie - do końca
Zdejmijcie z nieba Księżyc i rozmontujcie słońce
Wylejcie wodę z morza, odbierzcie drzewom cień
Teraz już nigdy na nic nie przydadzą się.

Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone,
Prevent the dog from barking with a juicy bone,
Silence the pianos and with muffled drum
Bring on the coffin, let the mourners come.

Let aeroplanes circle moaning overhead
Scribbling on the sky the message He Is Dead,
Put crépe bows round the white necks of the public doves,
Let the traffic policemen wear black cotton gloves.

He was my North, my South, my East and West,
My working week and my Sunday rest,
My noon, my midnight, my talk, my song;
I thought love would last forever: I was wrong.

The stars are not wanted now: put out every one;
Pack up the moons and dismantle the sun;
Pour away the ocean and sweep up the wood;
For nothing now can ever come to any good.

W. H. Auden

Friday, March 16, 2007


spy something beginning with S.......

On candystripe legs the spiderman comes
Softly through the shadow of the evening sun
Stealing past the windows of the blissfully dead
Looking for the victim shivering in bed
Searching out fear in the gathering gloom and
A movement in the corner of the room!
And there is nothing I can do
And I realise with fright
That the spiderman is having me for dinner tonight!

Quietly he laughs and shaking his head
Creeps closer now
Closer to the foot of the bed
And softer than shadow and quicker than flies
His arms are around me and his tongue in my eyes
"Be still be calm be quiet now my precious boy
Don't struggle like that or I will only love you more"
But it's much too late to get away or turn on the light
The spiderman is having you for dinner tonight

And I feel like I'm being eaten
By a thousand million shivering furry holes
And I know that in the morning I will wake up
In the shivering cold
The spiderman is always hungry...


Na cukierkowych nóżkach czai się człowiek-pająk
Delikatnie, poprzez cienie wieczornego słońca
Wykrada przeszłość beztrosko martwym
Szuka ofiary trzęsącej się w łóżku
Przeszukuje strachu w gromadzącej sie ponurości
Nagle! Jakis ruch w rogu pokoju!
I nic już nie mogę zrobić
Gdy ze strachem zauważam
Że człowiek-pająk ma mnie dziś na obiad!

Cichutko się śmieje i kiwając głową
Podpełza bliżej do łóżka
Lżej niż cień i szybciej niż mucha
Oplata mnie ramionami, językiem oczy
"Nie ruszaj się, spokojnie, cicho, mój drogi chłopczyku
Nie wyrywaj się tak, bo pokocham cię jeszcze mocniej
I tak jest za późno by uciec czy włączyć światło
Bo człowiek-pająk ma cię dziś na obiad!"

Czuje się jakby mnie jadły
Setki tysięcy trzęsących się, włochatych dziurek
Wiem, że rano obudzę się w przeraźliwym chłodzie
A człowiek-pajak jest zawsze głodny...

(not mine)

Sunday, March 11, 2007


I'm going to die in Paris when the rain falls, the day I have already remembered
I'm going to die in Paris and I'm not hiding from that-in Autumn, on Thursday, just like today
Because today on Thursday while I'm writing these words, I can feel the change
And as never before - I am really lonely.

umrę w Paryżu gdy spadnie deszcz, w dniu który już zapamiętałem.
umrę w Paryżu i nie uciekam od tego- na jesieni w czwartek tak jak dziś.
bo dzis w czwartek pisząc te słowa w kościach czuję zmianę
i jak nigdy dotąd na swej drodze-jestem na prawdę samotny

(not mine)

If you fight for a life

If you fight for a life, you don't feel pain
If you feel anything, it is just a cheerful uplifting feeling

jeśli walczysz o życie, nie czujesz bólu.
jeżeli w ogóle coś odczuwasz-jest to tylko radosne uniesienie


to be a warrior
not a sobbing baby
to fight and never to give up

without any complaint

to stop at nothing
till the moment you are finally able to see
and only for that to find out
that absolutely everything is without any meaning

być wojownikiem
a nie chlipiącym dzieckiem
walczyć nie poddając się
bez narzekania
bez cofania się
aż do momentu gdy będzie się widzieć.
i to wszystko tylko po to by stwierdzić,
że nic
nie ma znaczenia

Power leading my life

I gave myself to the power leading my life
and I've got nothing
so I have to protect nothing
there are no thoughts inside of me-and that is why I see
I don't fear anything-so I recall myself.

lonely and free
i will sneak behind the eagle's back and
I will become free

Oddałem się mocy kierującej mym losem
i nie mam nic.

więc niczego nie muszę bronić
nie ma we mnie myśli - dlatego widzę

nie boję się niczego-więc pamiętam siebie

samotny i swobodny

przemknę za plecami orła i
stanę się wolny