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My peace is gone
I feel no good
(Wolfgang Goethe -Faust)

Cancers are sensitive people and often they are subjects to emotion. Oh how they can worry!Sometimes even without a reason.Sometimes cancer may even end up being a hipohondriac. Cancer doesn't believe that everything's going to be alright. They know that somewhere ahead is danger, and even bigger, cause unknown.
However they feel very good and secure at home. This is where they can relax and feel the safest.
This is related to characteristic features of their rich inner life.Also gentleness and sentimentality contributes to that. Cancer is aware of his character, therefore he is worried that world and rough life will change him for worse or harm.
Meanwhile the receptivity, subtelness and sensitiveness of their feeling are so strong, that make it almost impossible to deceive them. Immediately they sense unfavourable people that have bad intentions towards them.
Relationship with Cancer may be very difficult, however one must remember to respect their beliefs, the way of being. You can't be rough or irratible to Cancer. You leave a scratch on their ambition. Also you can't cheat them, even in a small matter.
Cancers are devoted to their house, garden, family and houselife. They like ponds, rivers, sea, gossips, comfort. They pay attention to good behaviour, manners, tact. They hate riff-raff people, brutality, heart abruptness, arrogance, sly people, rascals, mockery especially if someone is mocking them. Also they don't like if someone spreads rumours about them, which for example Scorpio is totally indifferent to.They are often concerned with public opinion, they won't act against generally accepted manners. Only matters related to feelings could cause such a behaviour. In that situation they will do what is right, because Cancer's intuition and perspicacity are reliable and unparalleled.
Cancer on a higher status, will have strong feelings of ownership. However it doesn't have anything to do with the desire to have something expensive(that is so typical for Taurus). With Cancer is more of a attachement to something that was for example carefully furnished, or a completed collection of books, cds, paintings. The ownership of a Cancer is rather emotional, not materialistic.
Many a cancer are antique and other unsual things collectors, searchers of uncommon objects. This mania shouldn't be confused with pointless collection of souvenirs or ornaments often existing in Libras.
This affection is not only towards Cancer's closest environmnet, strong ties are also with the bigger housing area, with town. This is where Cancer like undertake some pollitical tasks, take a councillor position or somehow else be useful for the society.
According to ancient beliefs, sign of Cance was symbolically attached to Moon, whose subordinates are all of waters and liquids. And therefore Cancer likes to live near water, enjoys holidays near to rivers, ponds, kayaking, boat trips, likes swimming.
Characteristic sentimentality or sensitivity of a Cancer doesn't make them life losers! Many of them are brave people, taking high and responsible posts.
It's generally known that Cancers are good at working individually, independent from others' orders. The way they act is thoughtful, responsible and reliable. At work they may sometimes fiddle about, however that is what makes them accurate.
On a higher level of intelligence, Cancers are often archeologists, geologists, geographers, linguists and historians. Cancers are on the 4th place when it comes to Nobel winners.
Cancer may change theis mood quite often. Noone else is so much influenced by the surroundings as they are. Also by environment, society and other individuals.
When Cancer is found in between people that don't harmonise with him, he will be quite, introverted, mean. He will suffer. Aries on his place would go home, Taurus wouldn't come at all, Gemini wouldn't mind and Scorpio would be stinging everyone.
Children Cancers are unusually kind, sensitive and caring, therefore their parents are sometimes worries if the kid will manage in life. Often they are daydreaming, taking care of animals. Parents should be supporting some social contacts, allow them for inviting friends which will make them a bit less shy and will facilitate the contacts with people. If little Cancer has problem at school, you can't shout at him. This will only scare him and disconcert.
One should rather support, find the problems and solve them. It rarely happens that the tutor will understand the mentality of young cancer.
For Mister Cancer sex is not the most important in life. However caring and generosity to a partner gives him the 1st place. Motif of his actions is always mild sensitivity.Harmony, understanding and feelings are more important than sex.
Mister Cancer cannot deal properly with money. It is recommended that economical wife should have some access to it, but only if she won't take over whole family fortune.
If a Cancer gets angry at you, because you misspoke or weren't very gentle towards them, Cancer will close for the outside, stiffen as the crayfish does and won't say a word. In such situation you should be patient and wait until they chill out :)
Representatives of Cancer are linked by strong family ties. In some cases those ties may get in the way to career of Cancer.
Sometimes you can notice some social shyness and timidity. However it doesn't have a bigger meaning, because when there is a need Cancer can be very initiative, enterprising and energetic.
To Mister Cancer's heart you can get my cooking a nice dinner, however remember it's not only about food. You also have to serve it aesthetically. All the gastronomic accessories like china, serviettes, flowers on the table and silence during the meal, are equally important. Mister Cancer is a good husband however don't show him any moods or caprices during the dinner. He doesn't like it.
Noone else is devoted to traditions and family issues as they are. Their desire to help others and generosity makes them very valuable partners.
Girls Cancers will almost always get married of love. She takes it hard if she meets approaches some dissapointments in marriage or love, and she -being so good, really doesn't deserve to make her any harm. Mother Cancer will always be a typical mother, always worried if her kids are alright, because world is full of dangers. Not many others love their kids as much as mother Cancer.
Wifes of this star sign do the household jobs quite eagerly themselves. However You should be helping her because may be she doesn't have enough courage to force you to do it. For majority of men they are just too good, some egoistic men can take advantage of them.
Cancers don't like divorces. Realists attached to family. In sexual life-not very complicated.
Mister Cancer likes and values comfort. After work he puts on old trousers and slippers. Sits in a comfortable armchair to read a newspaper in peace. PEACE! He shouldn't be bothered in these moments by some trivial stuff.
Let's have some patience and understanding, it's not that for happiness he needs god knows how much.Give him these little things he needs, make life easier for him and then he will give back love and kindness.
Ladies Cancer makes the impression of quiet, mild and patient. This is how they are in majority of cases. However they can achieve what they want in a different way. Without shouting, noise, kindly and peacefully they can get their partners to think as they do, diplomatically giving him their ideas.
Woman Cancer doesn't look for love adventure. She is like a violet under the leaf, she wants to be found, wants to be discovered. In bed, she needs a decisive partner. In marriage she is caring and allows for much, however don't hurt her with inconsiderate word. She is like a doe, don't scare her cause she will close for the outside and run away.
She has many matrimonial advantages. She can adapt, she is a good learner, she is not complicated.
Sometimes when older she may become a bit acerbic if partner doesn't understand her. She needs support, she is a sensitive type, she gives a lot, however treat her in a gentle way, subtle. Aries, Taurus and Gemini live outside, Cancer to some extent-inside. Experiences, adventures she absorbs. Swiss psychologist dr Jung calls Cancer introverts, receptive-intuitive ones.
This is why sometimes in Cancer we meet diseases in gastrointestinal tract originating from psychosomatic reasons, like stomach ulcers.
Famous Cancers
Jean Paul Sartre-philosopher
Lady Diana
Jan Matejko-very good Polish painter :)
Giuseppe Garibaldi-revolutionist
Louis Armstrong-musician
Ringo Star
Jan Kalwin-reformator
Ingmar Bergman
Roald Amundsen-polar explorer
Roman Polanski- director
Ernest Hemingway
Alexis Carell-biologist
John Ross- polar explorer


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