Monday, February 25, 2013

Leo 23 of July-22 Aug

It is said that Leo is king of the jungle. And it has to be mentioned that Leo people has something royal in them. Even if they are not very important clerks in the less important department,, they will not serve the customers, but organise public events, with pride.
When it's needed Leo will take an effort, however it doesn't come very often. To say the truth-and the Majesty likes honesty in the end- Majesty Leo is not the most hardworking. Works as much as it is needed. Isn't it?
Leo has a feature that makes him push the job on others-which is not stupid at all, leo is the master of decentralisation.
Honesty of Leo sometimes borders naivety. It takes a long time before Leo will understand that some people are using him/her, cheating or lying and that some people just shouldn't be trusted. This gullibillity of a Leo is just disarming. They just can believe that there may be people in the world that have different attitudes towards honour, honesty and righteousness, that in between them there are liars, impostors, deceivers and swindlers.
Leo is sincere, opened, candid. Why others are different? There we go with the most subjective of the signs. Leo assesses people after himself. Tries to ascribe their characteristics to everyone, everyone he measures by his own measurement.
Leo has also type of the strongest, the most vivid personality. Always wants to be in the centre of attention, not in between the others, the absolute ruler, king. Individualist, rarely influenced by the surroundings. It results from strong sense of self-importance and infallibility.
People from under Leo, have strong dramatic intuition. They don't come into a room, they thread in, with pride. Leos are the biggest extraverts of all. They are good actors, very often found playing some hero roles.
Leo can be recognised during the conversation, they would say: "And then I..". Because they are mostly concerned with themselves, and they can tell stories for hours about themselves.
They will talk about their hobbies, experiences, adventures. They will also eagerly listen to other people talking about them.
The real king has to have his courtiers. Next to Leo there will always be some flatterers, scalawags and false friends, looking where to get fed by a small fee, and use the protection.
Regarding friends, subordinates and followers, Leo is generous and open-handed as a king, faithful, loyal patron and protector.
Interesting is that the surrounding flatterers is somehow needed for Leo to live. Without admirers, devotees, fans and friends, Leo feels lonely and is like a king on the exile.
When it comes to ability to rule, presentation or impressive performance, unquestionably Leo has all of those. Therefore his claims are rather justified.
Each Leo believed that should be in the leading position. It's better to be first in Lyon, than second in Paris-said once Napoleon, Leo naturally..
Highly positioned Leo rarely is surrounded by correct people. Scorpio is a genious when it comes to that, however Leo is too much egocentric, he cannot critically assess people.He trusts the most those ones that he shouldn't-the flatterers. When he will notice that, it is usually too late.
When being the manager, principal or boss Leo is much better than while being a subordinate.
Although subjective, Leo has a big instuition for justice. They cannot stand seeing other people getting hurt or harmed. They will get involved in such situation even if it is dangerous. And it's worth to mention that when it comes to a fight they are not the bravest people in the world, however he has a different feature- a civil courage. He can counter even the highest positioned people in the social hierachy, especially when they believe that they have right. Leo likes luxuries,
magnificence, splendor, chivalry, ceremonies, dramtic, fabulous. Next: authority,dignity, courage. Also :medals and awards.
Trust that people put in Leo, results from his self-confidence.
The advantages of Leo are some kind of objectivity when it comes to acknoledging someone's greatness. A person like that Leo will recognise immediately, show respect, only Leo can feel the real authority, if someone is a true leader or a weak sneaky fox pretending to be the king.
Young Leo has a tendency to tyrranize his parents, peers or friends. Even when very young he already knows whom is more valuable to spend time with or not.
It is also hard to get young Leo to help in the house. Parents should leave him alone, let him play and learn, he should be forced a bit to start learning, however is rather intelligent and reacts quickly when you speak to his ambitious side.
Leo at home, also wants to rule. Relationship with them can be difficult. However if a wife is intelligent, she will give right to him, admire him clearly and loudly.
Intensive need to have sex in Leo results not from excessive excitability-as it is in Scorpio- but from excessive life energy. It is easily noticed, that they are lively and energetic. You can see it in their behaviour, power and life beams from them.
Features that Leo hates is: riff-raff behaviour, greed, intrigues, dodgers, cowards, liars, and lack of humanity. He also doesn't like anything that is coming to an end, declination.
Leo man is not attacted to money that is related to a high position in the company, it's the leadership. It is hard to explain. However even in the ancient times, people saw Leo and Sun as something united, Sun used to be considered as God ruling the world, symbol of power.
When Leo is an actor, he will enjoy working in the theatre, where you have a close contact with people, audience.
famous leos:
Benito Mussolini
Alfred Hitchcock
Aleksander Dumas
George Clooney
Sean Connery
Robert Deniro
Jennifer Lopez
Fidel Castro
Dustin Hoffman
Schwarzkopf Norman


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