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Aries 21Mar-20 Apr

Speed isn't wisdom, but it rends it possible to surprise the enemy.
Herbert N.Casson

Sun in an Aries doubles the male features of a person.People born under this sign don't like to comply with others' orders. If fate makes them stay in a community, they will seek for a leadership.Someone wants to classify them?Ok, but only by number 1.
Aries's element is battle.There they have a chance to defeat the opponent.Not because their actions are well prepared or pre-thought. Just the opposite. Their strenghts are improvisation and speed of doing, ready-to fight style and swift punches. Higher strategy is not their speciality. Pre-thought plan of the action?No... Isn't it better and easier to surprise the opponent? Knock him down before he knows where the hit came from..
Aries loves fight, risk, danger, sickle strokes, simple vocabulary, shocking behaviour.It's their style, element and way of being. Aries also loves everything what's humorous, cheerful. They often laugh, have big sense of humour and big understanding for the sarcastic jokes. When speaks- always try to depicts a story.
"Words were stuck in his mouth, like a dead rat, neither you can swallow it, neither spit it out"-said once Chruszczow, only an Aries could produce such an utterance.
On a lower level Aries will be a boxer or a sportsman. On a higher level he would aspire to be a scientist struggling to find a formula n or a politician, whose life is a kind of a battle, with politics.
Aries hates cowards, uncertainty, unclear, not solved situations, diplomatic lies, insinuations, understatements, ambigous asnwers. He classifies people as under plus or minus. He doesn't see any middle in between. Diplomatic skills in Aries are rather very rare.
Aries doesn't like to save money, doesn't like to count it. Preferably would like to buy presents for all of his/her friends.
Aries lives the presence, if you can ask them about future- maybe sometimes, but he will not care about it too much nor about the past.
Aries people have something quite primitive in them, especially when young. This is the reason for their swift and reflex-quick reactions to everyday surprises. Noone can jump so gracefully from the trampoline, jump in to a driving bus or knock-out an opponent with one hit.

Aries hates waiting. Waiting is passive, and Aries is the most active, moving and lively sign of all. From 19 soldiers of Napoleon 3 were Arieses.
Aries is the conqueror, also in love.
Scorpio is able to postpone his anger and hatred for years, and then hit when the time comes. Such a behaviour is never to be understood by an Aries.They solve their problems immediately.
Tomorrow they will not remember why were angry.
Aries at work is mostly found where the mobility is required and physical endurance, power, quick decisions, sense of responsibility and many a time - courage. Thanks to initiative and energy, they can do a lot. However, there are things that you shouldn't expect from the average Aries-general subtelness, tact and diplomatic, discrete behaviour. Better not to confide your secrets in Aries. Not because they are gossipmongers but if lose temper, he will not be bothered by words. In such cases it's hard for them to bite thei tongue. Aries as we call it-has balls. They will not allow anyone to push them around, knowing what they want, t
Unfortunately, female Aries will lose because of that. She is incomparably more active, independent and brave than her female friends from other signs. She is something of a legendary Amazon. Consequences-Aries girl often attracts feminine men, shy, quiet, mild and passive, a bit of a loser type that needs some support from a lady Aries. However Ms Aries will not even look at such a guy. Her ideal partner is a man that she will look at with adoration, that would impress her. Anyway it's quite typical for a woman.
Miss Aries likes to spend time with guys. Even though she is attractive, she will not easily or early get married. She is often indecisive therefore will lose a lot of good opportunities.
Female Aries likes a lot to hear compliments, however knows if someone is pullling wool over her eyes. She will not lose control over her sexuality,beinf self-concious but she has her sensuality.
Bad fate makes typial strong male men treat Miss Aries as a good friend, companion for sports or trips, that will swear sometimes, maybe drink some strong alkohol and carry a heavy bag. The real stereotypical man cannot even imagine lady Aries as sweet and modest fiancee in white dress.
Situation is similar with a Scorpio girl. Some internal similarities of those girls is the theory that both of those signs fall within planet Mars. This planet is a symbol of everything that is sharp, hard, hot, rapid, that has sth to do with war, aggression, damage, fight, dynamism, ruthlessness and Male element.
Parents of an Aries, cannot say they were bored. Broken windows, broken noses, bruised knees, torn shorts or skirts happen here more often that anywhere else. Moral speeches tend to change nothing. A bit of more civilised behaviour one can expect when children start to grow up. Loud-mouther and quarrelsome they will stay forever, possibly whole their life, parents have to get over it. However, they should try to suppress their impertinence and arrogance.It may be achieved sometimes.
With intelligence it is varied. Anyway it is usually rare that a child Aries would love to spend time at school, unless it's sports. Because young Aries will appreciate more the physical skills than the intellectual ones. At school these of kids are classified as unrestrained, uncontrollable. The biggest amount of pranks will do an Aries, but not the evil ones. They just love life and dynamics.
To cheer parents up we may add that those kids will manage in life later on. They get what they want. Who will understand them, will like their simplicity, honesty, straight forwardness and openness.
Aries children are always first to play the games where movement is required. They have strong voice, perfect for commanding their peers. Because of mobility and not calm personality they are hard to control. Their behaviour is a bit rough, coarse. Despite this, they are popular with their peers. They are big spenders and tendency for a romantic adventures. They are straight forward and not too much complicated. Their extravertical behaviour is easy to understand by other kids and they like it, their active attitude-impresses them.
Although a woman born under Aries sign has a bit less intellectual hobbies than some of other female signs, husband with a high intelligence, will impress her. This is where partner superiority should direct in this relationship.
The personality of a Mars influenced female Aries shouldn't be misunderstood.It doesn't mean that she will behave like a man, or have some unnormal features. It is just that some of her characteristics are usually ascribed to a man: like courage (sometimes even aggession), desire to command, activeness, mobility and initiative.
Miss Aries has loads of grace and charm. However she is not easy to seduce, she will not give in beause of partner's sweet compliments. It doesn't mean that she is not sensual, she definetely is! However, she will decide what will start and when. It's worh remembering that she hates weak men.
Who is married to a female or male Aries, never should fight them using their weapon, cause they will lose. Quite opposite-rapid occurences, impulsiveness and shouts should be countered by peacefulness and sel-control. In the relationship with an Aries, wins one who can control himself.
Representatives of an Aries are the most active signs of all, even more than Scorpio, which are incomparable when it comes to persistent, long and bitter defence.
The disadvantage of their character is impatience. The impulsive character is to blame. Aries often regrets his deeds, especially when his outburst of anger passes.
From all of the signs, Aries has the least of minority complexes, setbacks, interal resistance. They don't care about public opinion. They don't want to spend time on imagination, and that is why will go ahead with no fear or thinking of consequesnces, no pre-thinking on actions. This speed and self confidence makes other people see them as leaders, obviously on the level that is adequate to their intelligence.
Aries doesn't value money as it is. He believes it's a means to an end. What they have, they usually spend frivorously. Often have debts, however will pay them when back on feet. Therefore we can say that even when it comes to money, it's only the present moment that they thin about.
Fortunately you cannot find any artificial behaviour, acting, pretence or fake in an Aries.
'I am as you see me, they could say': always faithful and honest friend, always ready to defend their beliefs, friends or ..anything!
It is worth mentioning that not exactly every Aries is loud and noisy. These features are related to the time of a day that a person was born in. However typical features like energy, quick reactions and fight-like attitude you will even find in the more peaceful ones. This you can see mostly in the Aries born in the evening. Sharp, rapid and shocking behaviour may sometimes be soften if one was born in the early morning, when Sun and Aries were still under the horizon and on the east was the preceding sign, Pisces. It is easy to distinguish, as this will affect some of the Arieses to gain a bit of a belly.


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