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Aquaries 20Jan-18 Feb

The most spiritual people are being born under the sign of Aquaries.

There is no more poets, philosophers, inventors or other interesting people than in Aquaries sign.Many of them are thoughtful loners, not being able to live with others, unless they popularise the idea of togetherness.

Aries will do what Aquaries thinks of. Taurus will use the idea and make some profit of it. Gemini will be interested in a new idea and write an article about it.Cancer will observe the news from a distance and be suspicious about it. Leo will give a prize to Aquaries for inventing a thing. Virgo would be criticising an Aquaries. Libra will take the value of the invention for granted.Maybe she will marry an Aquaries, of course if she is a woman.Scorpio will be angry that the idea is not in good hands.Sagitarrius won´t be bothered too much, Capricorn will think twice before he will say a word about it.

Here as with different signs, the range of hobbies will depend on the level of intelligence.On the background, environment. It is obvious.Anyway on the lower level, the things that will interest Aquaries will be all news, inventions, discoveries, improvements, trends, new aquintances.On a higher level he will take care of ideas, problems.

Aquaries has a mind of an inventor and maybe that is why he looks further and deeper than anyone else.Sometimes he looks too far. Then his peers don´t understand him and treat him like a stranger and fanstasy man.

Aquaries is not bothered by that. He goes untouched his lonely way.

But don´t think that Aquaries is only a theoretical inventor.

He can actually conduct his abstract and crazy ideas. He likes to experiment like for example Edison. He is the first to go into stratosphere and go down the batishpehere, as the professor Pirccard.

Aquaries likes thinking, social life, organisation, technic, new inventions, everything that is unsual, original, fascinating, strange, secretive, provocative, unheard of, not known, not understood, puzzling. He likes to solve puzzles, often is interested in parapsylogy.

A quaireis hates routine, conventionalism, pedanteries, stubborness, stupidity, boredom, undecisiveness, pressure, limits, everything that is ordered, whatever that can limit his movement, liberty of thoughts and choice of ideas. He doesnt like traditional csutoms, forms and rituals.

Aquaries can enjoy being alone, opposite to an Aries, Leo or Sagitarrius, and Gemini who without any company feels really left out,forgotten. Aquaries doesn't avoid the company, but can live without it equally well.
The same as Aquaries is fascinated by natural fenomena, the same he intrigues and sometimes even estranges ohers against him with his unsual, eccentric behaviour.
Many home handymen have the sun in Aquaries. We can name here Edison but also 100 tousand other potential inventors, contructors of perpetuum mobile and authors of the strangest ideas.
Aquaries has his own style of work. People than don't understand his mentality will consider him lazy skulk. Aquaries can sit for many days doing completely nothing. Later, when he starts working, he can do more in 3 days what others did in 3 months. Naturally, that style of working makes a terrible impression on co-workers and subordinates, even worse if they were born as Virgos or Capricorn.
It happens that Aquaries may be a bit haughty when he meets other people.
To some people he will keep a sober distance, although he strongly believes in idea of brotherhood and equality. Often an Aquaries considers human kind the top of the perfection and idealism.It will often lead to many dissapointments.
Very often we meet some Aquaries actors. It can be said that without him, there wouldn't be any thatre or film.
Taurus, Libra, Aquaris are the names of artists, but in Aquaries we will meet whatever is new, strange, not average, therefore surrealists, cubists, occults as Strindberg, Meyrink.
Leo would like to be first when it comes to political hierarchy. Also Aries and Sagitarius want to be leaders and take the front roles.Aquaries on the other hand wants to be the best in spiritual power.Examples: Lindberg(born 04.02)was the first to fly over Atlantic, Stanley (born 28.01) was the first to walk through Africa from Indian Ocean till Atlantic. Prof. Steinach (ur 27.01)was the first to do a gland transplant. Famous contructors as Junkers(planes), Maxim (machine gun), Girard (weave machines) were Aquarieses.
If it happened that an Aquaries took over a high position in a societal ladder, you can be sure, that it wasn't power desire who brought him there, but some freedom ideas or similar motives, whose aims are fight with tyranny, violence or oppression. The best examples of that are Lincoln or Kosciuszko, both born on 12th Feb.
Not very often Aquaries gets recognition during his life. Some people will think he is too strange,some-too eccentric. Often they say he is wicked, unusual and they will often be right.
Within representatives from Aquaries sign you can find the biggest amount of honest friendship, void of egoism or self-centredeness. Another feature of an Aquaries is friendliness, cheerfulness and faithfulness.
Sexual life Aquaries treats with marginal interest.However in some periods of his life he may overuse his abilities. He will do it though not because of overload of energy, but because of psychological reasons. His behavious may vary to extremes. Also he is more lighhearted than sensual.
Here he will be similar to Libra a bit. Majority of Aquarieses are aesthetics. Their thoughts then(extremely different from Scorpio) will be circling around more spiritual needs.
Aquaries's insights are purely democratic. He is the last man who would support a class society.It doesn't mean that he will make friends with anyone.For an Aquaries intelligence is the most important, not societal background. And according to that he will choose his partner.
Completely opposite to a Scorpio who values the most sexual harmony. He claims his intelligence will be enought for them both.
The same as for female Scorpio early marriage is a good advice to follow, the same for Aquaries is opposite. As the experience showed, Aquarians who got married before being 30 , almost every got divorced and only after found a more suitable partner. It's of mainly concern for femae Aquaries whose unsusual character and subtelness is often misinterpreted by husbands.
It's hard to make Aquaries shocked.He doesnt have any conventional superstitions, any old-fashioned views, opinions or prejudices. Anything that will be strange, non average-will be normal for open minded Aquaries.
When it comes to money, often Aquaries is outrageous.Mean he may be when it comes to small things, but when it comes to important stuff he is generous as noone else. When being with friends, he doesnt care about spendings.
Sometimes he prefers to stay alone, to have a walk or read a magazine, he won't mind that behind the wall is loudly as hell.He feels never lonely, even if alone, his thoughts are his most interesting companion.

famous Aquaries: Franklin D. Roosevelt - President US
Wolfgang Mozart - Composer
Abraham Lincoln - President US
Charles Darwin
Scientist, famous for the Theory Of Evolution
John Travolta
Paris Hilton
Robbie Williams
Matt Groening

Justin Timberlake


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