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Variety amuses
(latin saying)

Gemini is an intellectualist with vivid extraversion. The same as an Aries has quick physical reactions, the same Gemini has quick intellectual reactions.
Gemini can be interested in couple of things simultaneously. Thinks about this, then about that, and the strain of the thoughts is rather superficial. He cannot focus on one problem forgetting about the world or explore one narrow area of interest, like e.g Scorpio does. The moment when Gemini believes he explored the issue enough, it loses its value for him.
Noone can be so convincing, fluent and suggestive in speech as a Gemini is. Interesting thing, he believes in the stuff he says too, but not for long.
No other sign is so little conservative as Gemini, when it comes to beliefs. Gemini is the innovator, however not because of the revolutionary reasons. They are just bored with anything that is stable, not changing, little progressing. Therefore they change-for diversity- hobbies and even often jobs. Gemini is famous for changing different occupations even couple of times per life.
Versatility(ability to do different things) of Gemini is surprising, in most cases it results from precision.
Gemini works most willingly in intellectual jobs, where you can fight or operate but with a pen or a tongue.
No other signs makes his opinion about something as quickly as Gemini, but also no other changes his mind as often as Gemini.
Aries when makes a mistake, gets angry. Taurus will remain by his beliefs anyway. When Gemini makes a mistake, he shrugs his shoulders and changes the opinion, because he is quite sensible when it comes giving right to someone. And thank god for that!
It's obvious that what is sensible is good, therefore Gemini is a follower of everything sensible, logical, bright, intelligent. He likes changes travel, mobility, word games, aphorisms, movement. All that is elegant, talkative, lively,active, live, efective. He doesnt like-slowness, dogmatism,stagnation, boredom, introverts, stability, thinking for hours or deciding for ages.
Gemini has a good sense of subtel humour and is always ready to listen to good, intelligent jokes. Their entertainment has to be always full of action, tempo, diversity and fun. If it's not provided- then bye.
Gemini is a person that has hundred questions to ask. Unfortunately he gets satisfied with any answer. He isn't eager to explore the root of the problem, it's enough if he gets a relatively reasonable answer.
He tends to believe in a written word cause he likes to write too. Often is found in journalism. Being a reporter is their element:mobility, speed, information, news, gossips, interviews, conversations! Today Prime minister, tomorrow famous singer, press conferences, meetings, changes, everyday new faces.
The least pleasant would be to speak to conservative, oldfashioned followers, making their life difficult, blindly looking at old ideals. Let's get away from those kinds.
Today Gemini follows this theory, tomorrow that one, or two on one time. sometimes they may be even contradictory. But is it important?Anyway everything is relative, says Gemini to defend himseld, and Einstein is turning around in the grave..
Don't expect from Gemini very contructive, efficient work. He is too impatient for that, too little persistent. His mission should be delivering information, messages, spreading the word, ideas, writing. That is why Gemini likes reports, news, mediation, negotiation. One can say that Gemini can be busy whole day, not working. He could be great as a sales representative. Resourceful he deals with everything quickly, properly and smoothly.That's the way he does it, this is where he feels at home.
Peace, lack of diversity, monotony, seeing the same faces, thinking about problems of the world-that kills Gemini. Only constant movement and speed, makes him stay in shape and keeps him alive.
Naturally, Gemini would be a great lawyer, however not often he will go for that kind of a career.
He wouldn't be a good judge either.His character would rather go not after the just judgement however more after the trial itself-debate, polemics, reasoning, eloquency, oratorical skills.Pleasant features of a Gemini: lack of fanatism, pollitical or religious stubbornness/obsession. For him there is no such a thing for which you would need to put your hand into fire (everything is relative). He will not explore the philosofical truths either. If he decided to work in scientific field, he will focus on this issue, or rather couple issues. But he will never be a fanatic believe of one theory. He is openminded and receptive for any new ideas, which often go in one ear and out the other.
Mind of a Gemini is not a file of information as it is when it comes to Virgo or Scorpio, it's more of a transmiting station. Gemini is not worried that there is nothing constant, stable in life, quite the opposite. He enjoys 'panta rhei', that everything is uncertain, changing, transforming, because this is where the movement exists, variety, life, dynamism, progress.
More educated and intelligent Gemini find it easy to think abstract and remember abstacts based on real experiences.An average person remembers feelings like a photographic plate, and in different situations will be comparing different plates. Gemini is comparing the abstract of a new situation to abstract generalisations resulting from previous experiences (wtf?) This kind of thinking is quicker, wider but less precise. Anyway it doesnt allow for getting lost in the details at the expense of the whole.
Gemini is not driven only by the impulse. In their erotic life they lack consequent pesistence, although their experiences are hot and passionate. The biggest importance is in liking each other.Gemini will not stay with anyone who doesn't harmonize with him. His erotic experiences are not only physical but also psychic.
Gemini has an inborn good inside. Therefore he is totally against war-of two sides has good will, then they should talk, there is also an option of a compromise, there is no need to fight, more common sense-these were the thoughts of Kennedy, Gemini.
Geminis are the most practical intellectuals. Rationalising, they have an understanding only for ideas that bring benefits. However they will acknowledge only what they understand, whatever is exceeding their intelligence or demands further exploration, they will treat with distrust and reluctance(like astrology :) )
Gemini child is not keen on cleaning however it may bring some good marks to home. They are very talkative and learn quickly. Even if they don't know the answer, they will speak so much that a teacher will think Gemini knows much more than the truth is. It also proves the street smatness, also they are active and like variety. Children of this sign are tiring for parents as they ask loads of questions, have many ideas, unsual plans, however they don't cause bigger troubles.
Gemini husband needs to be understood, his wife has to be patient. If you want an intellectual harmony with him, you need to adapt to his hobbies, which is not that easy for every woman. However it's important for the relationship as otherwise he may look for intellectual contacts somewhere else which can go in a wrong direction.
As it was said it may be tousand things that will interest him. The least interesting one will be the order in his desk and drawer. This is not important, significant is not to be bored with your partner , to have something to talk about, discuss and that what he says does mean something to a partner.
Gemini will be delivering loads of news, his woman should be ready to listen to it. Although talkative and discursive, they won't create rumours themaself. they are subtle and discrete. They can keep a secret.
The active and mobile Gemini can earn money, however he often doesn't have it.When he buys something, he won't bargain. To own and keep is not what he is interested in.
Gemini retains his bright and fresh mind the longest of all signs. Therefore even if old he still has his quick thinking and being interested in variety of things.

Famous Gemini:
Richard Wagner-composer
John Fitzgerld Kennedy
Marilyn Monroe
Bjoern Borg-tennis player
Tom Jones
James Maxwell-scientist
Edward Grieg-composer
Aleksander Puszkin-russian poet
Henry Kinssinger-usa politician
Edward benes-chech politian
Paul McCartney
Blaise Pascal


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